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We are a member of the United Church of Christ.  Please visit ucc.org for more information.  We also invite you to check out the denomination’s Still Speaking daily devotional.

Pilgrim Cove- Our Church Camp


We are blessed to share a church camp on beautiful Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho.  For generations Pilgrim Cove has been a place of spiritual formation and community.  Please visit the website here  for more information or contact our office.

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Greetings from Pilgrim Cove Camp!
  Sometimes God prepares our road differently than we would and decides we need to take a detour. Such has happened to Kari and me. Due to health issues we are having to resign our position here at Pilgrim Cove Camp. The search for a new manager(s) is underway, We will continue to work throughout the summer until November 1st and then will support the new managers coming in.
 It has been a great joy and blessing to be here for the past 5 summers/4 complete years. We have met so many people that have become dear friends and friends that are now like family. The last 2 years have taken a toll on us between diabetes complications and cancer and we find we need to be closer to specialized care. We want to be able to do everything needed to keep the camp going and with these health trials it isn’t fair to not be able to do what the camp needs healthy managers to do.
 You won’t be able to get rid of us completely! We are moving back to the Valley and plan on attending Nampa UCC so there is that.
 The job description and availability notice will be posted soon so if you know of someone who may be a good candidate to take the reins have them watch the website and Facebook for the posting.
 We are so appreciative of the board for taking on two little ladies from Nampa for the manager position in the first place. I hope we were able to provide a bit of hope to those that doubted we could do what needed to be done. It really is a matter of keeping the camp safe and clean and getting out of God’s way. Ultimately, the camp is in God’s hands. It is a blessed responsibility with the greatest of blessings in return.
In the service of a merciful and mighty Lord,
Lori Roberts
Kari Roberts
Pilgrim Cove Camp Manager

Grace Lutheran Food Bank

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We participate in the local Grace Lutheran food bank.  We collect donations every Sunday.